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Scenes of an Ancient Lake Yabase

商品番号 SOL112

出版社 ロケットミュージック


作曲者 八木澤教司(ヤギサワ・サトシ)
シリーズ ソロ(木管,金管,打楽器)
編成概要 フルート
解説 【曲の解説】

【Program Notes】
This piece was commissioned by the Executive Committee as a prescribed piece for the ”26th Biwako International Flute Competition (for solo competition)” in 2023. I took this opportunity to consider material on a theme associated with Lake Biwa that would be reflective of the Japanese sentiment in the style of the piece.

The title, Yabase no Kihan (Scenes of an Ancient Lake Yabase) is based on an ukiyo-e print by Hiroshige Utagawa, from the series called Omi Hakkei (Eight Views of Omi). Yabase is the name of a place in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. Taking a boat from Yabase to the other side of the river offers a shortcut to the Tokaido Road, and the area is said to have been a prosperous port on the shore of Lake Biwa since ancient times. Today, with the construction of the artificial Yabase-Kihan Island, the landscape as it would have been at that time can no longer be seen, but by giving free rein to my imagination, I have attempted a lyrical depiction of the lives of the people and the comings and goings of the boats in the harbor. Beyond pursuit of the technical aspects of the flute performance, I hope that you will also be able to explore the Japanese ambience of the piece.

Last but not least, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Takako Shiraishi, Executive Committee Chairman, for her generous advice in the composition of this piece.
解説2 【八木澤教司プロフィール】
武蔵野音楽大学作曲学科卒業、同大学大学院音楽研究科修士課程修了。2020年度より関東から関西に拠点を移し、神戸女学院大学音楽学部で作曲、吹奏楽、音楽理論の指導にあたる。  2019年11月9日天皇陛下御即位奉祝記念式典・国民祭典において天皇皇后両陛下「お出迎えのファンファーレ」として、東京2020パラリンピック開会式の式典音楽として作品がそれぞれ抜擢された。合唱曲として手がけた《あすという日が》は“希望の歌”“東日本大震災復興シンボル曲”と称され、2011年第62回NHK紅白歌合戦において夏川りみ、秋川雅史の両氏によって熱唱された。  第21回日本管打・吹奏楽アカデミー賞[作・編曲部門](2011年)受賞、平成23年度JBA下谷奨励賞を受賞。  主なフルートの作品として「トリプルあいす」「パフェ・パラダイス!」「チョコふぇすっ!」「フィオリトゥーラ」「コロラトゥーラ」「風の戯れ」「秋紅の舞」「テルミニ」「心に染みる5つの言葉」「ディヴェルティメント」「そよ風の吹く杜で…」など。

Satoshi YAGISAWA was born in 1975 in Japan and graduated from the prestigious Musashino Academia Musicae with a degree in composition. He later continued his studies there graduating with master’s degree in composition two years later. His works for wind orchestra are popular in Japan and in many countries and are published by Hal Leonard Europe (de haske) and Japanese publishers. They have been performed widely at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles Conferences (WASBE) and the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago. In Japan, he was commissioned by the National Sports Festival to compose the opening ceremonial music. Currently, he is teaching at KOBE COLLEGE in Japan. He is one of the most prolific composers in Japan today and was awarded the 21st Japan Academic Society of Winds, Percussion and Brass Award (2011) and the Japanese Band Directors Association Shitaya Encouragement Award (2011). His major Flute works include Fioritura; Triple Scoop Ice Cream; Capricious Winds and Maple Dance.
編成 Flute (無伴奏)